Thursday, September 16, 2010

A real man

Well its about time i make a post here, that some people need to seriously read. I may be out of date, or old fashioned or hell, maybe even sexist, but why o why do women have the need to believe that romance novels are anything but novels? And for the record, I'm not attacking anyone specific here, or dropping hints or anything. I am merely making an observation, because its starting to kill me. This whole politically correct society we live in is just starting to wear thin on me, and the BS is really starting to stack up, so i figured I'd just put it out there. OK, so I'm getting a bit tired of some facebook comments that keep floating around, describing to women what the perfect guy is. It goes something like this:
                               "If you hang up he calls you back. He doesn't tell you you're sexy or hot, he says you're beautiful. He holds your hand in front of his friends and shows you off. He will take you to a chick flick and cry with you, he might menstruate somewhat but he's still a man...." BLAH! Its this kind of drivel that got women reading romance novels and watching Dr. Phil. I don't know if its just me, or if its that I'm out of touch or out of date, but this is my take on what a real man should be like:

                              We have calloused hands because we work hard, at work or in the gym, or whatever. We will not call someone back who hangs up on us. You hung up for a reason, why would we go against your wishes? We do not own a magic 8 ball, and do not read minds or believe for a minute that we should already know whats wrong. If there was something wrong you would have told us. We want to hear about your problems because we want to solve them. Bitching about them and doing nothing to resolve the issue is just bitching. We actually believe violence will and can solve some problems. We have taken and given someone a punch, because they/we deserved it. We  tell you you're hot and sexy because we  believe you're hot and sexy. If we didn't think you were beautiful we wouldn't be with you.  We don't actually like chick flicks, and although we are capable of crying, we choose not to at all costs. Its not that we are afraid people will see us cry, its because we know crying doesn't solve anything, and there is a time and a place for such things. Crying because we are upset isn't going to solve the problem, and if it did, we would... A lot. We are OK if you dress us, we understand you know fashion and are OK with the input. We will not wear a cardigan regardless of what you say. We want to look our best for you, but understand, we still are men. We are OK taking on responsibilities, even if the weight of them will cripple us, and crush us in a world of stress. Its our duty as men to take them on, and we do it regardless to ourselves.  We do the right thing, even when the result of the right thing brings us grief, pain, and in some instances death. We believe that women and children are fragile, delicate things that should never be harmed, at all costs.

I could go on, but I'm sure you all get the message. We as men, feel duty in making sure that your problems become ours, so we can make them go away. We love and cherish you, because if we didn't, again we wouldn't be there.  If you're looking for a guy with perfect hair, dresses amazing, soft hands with manicured finger nails, who doesn't swear, has no scars, or cuts on his hands, and really believes Fuchsia is a color, than you're not looking for a man, you're looking for a woman with a penis. Now I'm not saying that if you know a guy like that, he's not a man. I'm just saying if someone try's to rob you on a dark street one evening, there is a very good chance you're going to lose all your stuff if he's with you.

So that's it, it had to be said. If you're a guy and disagree with me, then fine. Its you're choice, but you know deep down when push came to shove, you have to put up or shut up, so hey, maybe its time you step up...


Lara said...

Lol! Thanks for the insight into men Cory :) --you know just as an aside, I do believe that there aren't as many guys out there like what you're describing though. Wish there were. I'm getting kinda sick of having a penis AND a vagina. I hate girly men, too.

Tammy said...! I agree with you 100%. So very well said, my friend. Lol, I think I definitely found me a real pretty much described Jason! :)

<3 Ya!