Monday, March 19, 2012

Half way there

Well, its been 8 weeks (almost 2 months) of training and i must say, i am tired. I am doing my absolute best to keep on track (lol - get it? On track? Ahhh ya...) Anyway, running is going good, and is about to hit an all time milestone for me. As of this next upcoming Sunday i am about to run further than i have ever run before. My weekly "long run" will exceed 10km and move up to 12km, and its a big deal! I mean i have run more i suppose while in the service, i guess, but we never tracked it and counted it like i am now, so i can't be certain. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! From this point forward it goes up by 2km increments until i get 20km!!! That's right people, by week 16 i will be running 20km at one go, and apparently conditioned enough to survive it! Crazy right? Ya im at a bit of a loss as well; who in the hell does this sort of thing? Why ever would i be ok with the idea that a 20km run was a good thing, never mind look forward to it. Although i must say it does scare me a bit, but ya, 20km runs... Just mind boggling.
Ya, so tired... Really tired. Then there is my crazy Sunday's - they are not helping. Run a long run Sunday morning - all good. But then go play football for an hour and a half? Then off to hockey for 2 hours? Stupid stupid stupid... Every Monday (well for the last 2 anyway), i have been sore, crippled, tired, beaten up, and just all and all a mess. BUT - i can say i feel great for accomplishing so much in one day. But as i look forward i must admit my days of doing 3 sports in one day are coming to an end. There is no way i can survive this later in my training schedule especially when im working up to 20km runs. So hockey will have to remain on Wednesday nights only, and running and football will have to co-exist with each other on Sundays. That's going to be the best i can do i think. Don't even get me started with my not so regular gym workout schedule. Lets just say that what was once 6 days a week is a real success if i see 4 days a week now. So depressing... Now to address my last blog closing statement:
DIET - the other 4 letter word.  Not to be confused with starving myself, or following some crazy points system or any other kind of junk, but diet as in the food choices i have been making. I swear the more i do the hungrier i get, and damn if could just say no to food at 9pm! I love chips, i love chocolate, and sour candy is a definite "must have" for junk food movie night with the boys. I would probably be down 20lbs by now if i could just steer clear of that crap, but with the boys home all the time, its a real tough one to leave out of the house. I eat TONS of vegetables, lots of lean meats, smart carbs galore, but there is no denying my desire for bad carbs and sweets. Don't get me wrong, my weight is definitely not going up, but its not necessarily going down either. And it's not like im doing this as a weight loss plan, but it should be a nice side effect. Instead i have seen the scale slowly, and i mean very slowly, drop a pound or two at best. There is a VERY good chance i've lost more body fat than a pound or two, and my weight loss is slowed by muscle gain, but since i didn't take per-measurements like i usually would have its impossible for me to tell really. Clothes still fit, if not even a little better (looser where they should be, and tighter where i want them to be), but it would be nice to know for sure what my body is doing and where. Oh well, not something i can dwell on now. But as of this week things are changing, i intend to start making better food choices, skip the evening snacks and see what i can accomplish to close of the month of March. It has become painfully evident to me that if i do not drop some excess weight before the Tough Mudder, the tougher it will be to pull it off! When running and maneuvering obstacles there are 3 major enemies; Fatigue, yourself, and your body. You must have the endurance to complete - that is what the training is for, you must have the mind set you can do it - mind over matter, and finally you have to fight the physical you. You are at a constant struggle with gravity and your resistance to it. The less you weigh and the stronger you are make it that much easier to complete an obstacle or finish the race. So, with some tighter rules and better food choices, it should really make a difference (im hoping). 
Anyway thats about it today. Working hard, playing hard, and eating poor - at least until today. Hopefully my next post will highlight my success with the fork.