Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Fucking Christmas

             So where to begin. Well first off, I'm sorry, i apologize for my late postings, i have been very self absorbed as of late, and just can't seem to find the time these days. I will do my best to make a greater effort to write more frequently for you people. Wouldn't want my loyal fan base of 4 to be disappointed. There, apologies out of the way, on to other things.
            MERRY CHRISTMAS! Happy New Year! BLAH BLAH BLAH... Seriously, you can all take your good spirits and stuff em right up your merry asses! I grow exceeding wary of all this good will towards men, and happy cheery BS. The economy is still fucked, money is still stupid tight, and yet we still all seem to feel the need to spend money on a bogus amount of gifts because someones Messiah was born on an upcoming day. And lets just not get carried away here, its not like this is the first "god" like being to be born on Dec 25th. Do some homework people and before you condemn me to a burning hell after life, realize that one book just re-wrote what another book had already written, again and again, so long as there has been written word... Bill said it best when he described religion. If a few people believe in a zombie that can walk on water they are crazy, but if a few million believe, then its religion! My point being - I'm tired of the commercialization of a holiday, I'm tired of religion - all of them. And I'm especially tired of people passing on the Christmas spirit like they just watched Scrooged 25 times in a row... This is the same assholes than not two weeks ago, and two weeks from now that will speed up if you try and pass them, not signal, cut you off in lines, give you the finger, steal a parking spot and most likely spit on you rather than talk to you any other given day of the year. But because "tis the season" we all should just roll over and be nicer. Well fuck me, if ever a hypocrisy existed... Enough about that. Sorry but i just couldn't keep it in any longer.

            My gym still goes OK, if not a little less motivated than usual. Running is OK, and should be back on track as soon as i get my treadmill re-assembled. Ya it broke, i took it apart, ordered the part, its now arrived - damaged, but i think i should still be able to use it. I will put it together tomorrow most likely, and if all goes well, should be back to 4-6 miles twice a day. Eating still is an issue for me, and i recognize emotional eating patterns. This is going to stop. Well that's the diet/health thing in a nut shell...

          Turning 38 next month and i have to say I'm more than a little disappointed with how long it has taken for me to move forward in my life. Things should be back on track and heading in all the right directions by now, god its been over a year, and still I'm dragging my ass. Don't know what the issues are, but i seriously have to move through them. Finishing school hopefully by end of January, and with any luck the RCMP will say yes, and i can be a cop by year end of 2011... Who knows, but at least its a direction right. Failing that, i might just decide the Army calls, if i can get the boys behind me. Otherwise its back to the grind and try and figure out what in my life is missing or broken. Anyway this is my pre-holiday blog, I'm sure i will have lots more to say post this great season.

         Thanks for listening - er reading, or whatever.