Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sell me your wares gypsy!!

It's like the entire world is conspiring against me! Well actually it's not like that at all, it just seems like it. First of all, i haven't done any running, and haven't had a hint of the gym since before the Tough Mudder. Now, some of that was laziness. I trained for 4 months for the half marathon, then another month for the Mudder, so i figured what would 2 weeks off do... Well they let me hurt my back, which perpetuated into over 2 months off!! So now, I'm still nursing a back injury, as well as my Achilles tendon is bothering me, but i will not let this dissuade me from getting back at it... Just slower and more cautiously than before. Otherwise i can see this running away from me and turning months into years! So again i will giver a go - hopefully with a bit of caution this should be a slow but smooth transition back into in shape, at the right end of the scale, and happier all around for it.

On a happier note - sorta, i have ordered my Nike+ Fuelband!! It will help me with some greatly needed motivation I think, so i had to have it. But purchasing it was, well, a hell of an experience... First off  there isn't a reseller of Nike+ Fuelbands ANYWHERE in Canada. No where. Really. WTF, right? So i figure, heck lets order one on line... Great except wouldn't you know it, when you click on the box that says, "order now", it links you back to a Canadian only site, where suddenly the Nike Fuelband doesn't exist and is not for sale!! So i figure, I'm smarter than an f'n website, I'll just change the region. Haha! Nope, it automatically detects my "area" i guess through my IP address, and sends me back to the Canadian site EVERY TIME! Argh!! So again, i AM smarter than this website!! I download a great program (lets you surf the web anonymously - random IP generation world wide). Launch my new browser and bam!! Ha ha i am on the US site! Go to "purchase now" and wammo - I'm suddenly redirected to the Great Britain site! Ha, so i renew my IP, and zing! I'm suddenly on the Dutch site! ARGH... Clearly i cannot choose the IP country of origin with this new browser, so now what... Ahah! I will go to the Help option on the US site, and see if i can get me some customer service help. Zap, back to Canada it sends me - so what i say! I still contact help, and send them a message... SELL ME YOUR WARES GIPSY!! Which generates an automated response email... We're f'n busy over here at Nike NOT SELLING our products, so expect a 48-72 hour delay in response, but don't worry we'll get to you, you're business is important to us. Right... What happened to their motto? Just Do It? Well... JUST SELL ME YOUR SHITTY PIECE OF EXERCISE GEAR I WANT! How about that!? ... ... ... Just breath Cory, just breath... ... ... Ok so, after more than 40 minutes of key punching, desk striking, screaming at a no good for nothing useless to me website, i decide to call the customer service helpline. Yep, good old 1-800 number - which the screen says is closed 4:40 eastern time, which is well past the time i am calling, but hey, what the hell right? It's not like I was doing anything anyway and who knows, maybe someone will answer, or a voice mail might get there quicker than my help email request. Then without any sort of warning, fanfare, or trumpets or anything, like a miracle from the heavens a customer service representative just up and answers the call!!! 2 minutes of conversation and he tells me this is a minor problem on their web site, and they are working towards repairing it... Minor problem? Minor? How the hell do you sell a product that no one can buy, and call that minor?! Anyway, not his deal, he just works there... SO - he takes all my info, logs on to the Nike site that I am a registered member with, and has all my information, including the stuff i typed in an hour ago for the purchase of the band... It's all there - waiting - like it did it already and i just needed a human to see it... I felt so relieved and immediately angry at the same time!! But, none the less i held my temper, and waited for my sales representative to finish with me... 5 minutes later i am congratulated on my new purchase, and can expect it at my US mailing address in 3-12 days... What? 3-12 days? That is some spread don't you think? I mean, 4-7 days, ok. 7-10 days, makes sense... But what kind of multinational conglomerate like Nike has a random shipping department that can't narrow delivery times down to within a week? I mean seriously - how do  you sell ANYTHING with that kind of schedule?! "Thank-you for your order sir, is there anything else i can do for you?" ... No no, im good thanks. Goodbye.

And there you have it! I am a proud soon to be owner of one very special - custom ordered Nike+ Fuelband. Soon to be in stores no doubt...