Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh wow!

Seriously? I haven't said boo since Christmas. Huh, well, boo!

What the heck people? Half my motivation to blog, is to see others blog too - Like Tammy's tale? WTF is with that, no posts in 4 months??? Seriously lame. I get to say that because i blogged 3 months ago and am doing it now - so i win. Same goes for "My big fat blog"... WTF another 4 month stretch. Not cool ladies, just not cool. Well ,so here i am chastising you two for doing nothing, and well, i really haven't been doing much either. UNTIL TODAY!!! Thats right people, tada!! Stuff! Right now, right here, happening!

So whats new you might ask? Well, say it, ASK. I completely have this image of you, sitting in front of your computer, mouthing the words, "whats new?" Idiot... Well, lets see... I started working with my friend painting cars and such - part time to help with cash. Cool work, neato science, but dirty filthy work. Business is better at VCAT, not great, but not horrible - just starting to turn the corner, so hopefully this is the year we get caught up. What else... Oh, im still seeing the same amazing beautiful girl ive been seeing since last summer... I guess thats not new though - well then again, its probably new for me. I also have continued my long arduous journey in trying to be a cop - still think it would be a very cool job, and still think i probably won't make it. Im not being hard on myself, im just being honest. Physically im ready, mentally im prepared, but lets face it, i've got lots of water under my bridge, and im not exactly what could be called a saint. So, we will see. Worse case is they say no. Then what you ask. Go ahead, ASK. LOL, again i've got this image of you... Well i figure baring being a cop, i might as well try and finish other things that i've been doing for years... Probably chase my GCA goal. Been doing books for years, and if i can't be a cop, then an accountant most likely will be the next direction. I KNOW. Crazy direction change from cop to accountant, but honestly, im good at numbers, i understand books, and well, the paycheck is good. most likely will take me several years to get there, so by the time im 45 and boring, i can be an accountant, which for obvious reasons, most likely will be boring as well - perfect match. Gym is at the forefront again, as well as running. Which is a good thing, because i was starting to gain weight again, and my jeans were no longer requiring a belt... But since the push back to the gym hard, and the increase in running, its all turning around again. Sitting at about 223 today, which is still up 9lbs from last summer, but down from the 232 i hit right after Christmas. I have a bet with Tammy for some weight loss for the end of ...May? Or was it June? I can't remember, but god damn it, im not gonna lose. She is a pro at this stuff and has a wicked track record, but hell - i don't like losing - way to competitive for that shit. Besides if im not careful  and let myself go, won't i be the biggest hypocrite alive.

Um, ya this is usually where i can give you a "grinds my gears" kinda rant, but hell, its FAF today, and im feeling pretty good. I know my blog sounds like its all roses, which i suppose is a great outlook on things, but you all know its nothing but hard work, broke, struggling day by day living here and out there. I just don't feel like bitching today - which makes it a great day to talk to me - stupid people most likely won't get fucked right off right away today. Maybe my mood is good because i get to see my girl tonight AND tomorrow night. Ya i know, crazy right? I won't get into it now, but lets just say our work schedules conflict heavily, and being together often has had its challenges. None the less, not this weekend, not tonight or tomorrow, which is probably the major reason for the better mood. That, and again, it is FAF.

Later! (hopefully not to much later :) )