Friday, March 15, 2019

Years apart... Sorry dad.

Years apart... Seems suiting enough. I used to blog about what grinds my gears, then overtime I  started to write about what ails my heart. Shortly there after it became some muddied waters about cryptic shit that only my drunk self could possibly unwind. So here we are now... I'm drunk, so - lots has changed...

what can I say, I've had too much beer, wine, and two shots of wtf - lets just agree my judgement isn't the best tonight...

 I miss love ….What's new, right? Well, what can I say - having it isn't the same as losing it. At least every moment of it was real... Regrets... I've got bunches - but the biggest still haunts me - and will forever probably... But on the bright side - seems to be working out for the other party involved so - I should be happy for them in the end, right?

Moving on... WTF is with the whole politically correct "people" of our world? I mean seriously my own kid said "trades people" today... ugh... Get the fuck over yourself you sensitive mother fuckers! Seriously though, how is it 80 years ago young men were throwing themselves to the fray on some bs beach for freedom, and today safe places are required just to get through the week... Honestly, my own father (if he were alive) would be kicking the shit out of me just for sharing this much publicly... We should all be ashamed.

Government leaders: WTF ARE YOU THINKING? uh duh?! That's all I'm saying.

I know super vague... Eat it.

moving on with Vague;

  • I'm sorry
  • I wish I could turn back the clock (everyone)
  • you deserved better (in the end)
  • I was fucking great to you!
  • I've never betrayed you
  • if I could, I would (turn back time - cue Tina Turner.. That was her song, right?)
  • I won't apologize for being honest
  • You know I'm the win
  • Shamrock shakes - still a family favorite
  • brie
  • dice
  • paper straws suck
I did say Vague.

I guess the takeaway here is; I'm writing because I need to. I'm drunk. I'm sorry, and I miss you... And it's St.Patrick's day soon... And I'm not a fan of current world leaders - do better when you vote people. Millennial "what about me" mentality is shit!... Oh, and I'm still cryptic and stuff... Sorry, dad.