Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The low down on whats what.

Well now, what have we here? That's right, another post! I know I know this could actually be habit forming. Three posts just a few weeks?! Well, i won't get carried away with promises, but i will say that for the time being i need this time to clear my head and debrief. I used to talk to, well, anyway i used to talk to debrief, but now this is what i have, so this is what I'll use.

First off lets start with the good news; It appears i have put a stop to the whole "moving" thing, although it was more of an agreement or understanding then an actual order to stop, but either way I'll take it. The boys are going to be staying here, at least until i hear about the RCMP, and if i don't get in, they will remain here. Good news for sure. Secondly, I've started another job. I know what you're thinking, but hear me out. VCAT is getting better, but its cash flow is horrible, and it has a long road ahead to make up the ground it lost during the start of the recession. So, by me working elsewhere, it doesn't have to pay me, and hopefully can make up some of its losses and get back in the black sooner rather than later. My new job is "production supervisor" for an animal feed flavoring business. Ya, totally obscure, most people don't even know that type of business existed, never mind being a thriving industry. Yep, don't know shit about it either, but there are a few things i do know. Pardon me while i toot my own horn but; I am an exceptional leader - hands on and sink or swim,  i learn as i go and inspire and motivate those around me. I am a very fast learner and with the exception of relationships, very rarely make the same mistakes twice. I am a king of efficiency, and don't take lightly my responsibilities. All in all what does this mean? It means i am a damn good manager, production supervisor, and slacker and disorganized employee nightmare. I WILL have success in what i do, and i WILL expect everyone under me to pull their own weight. I WILL expect ownership or those above me to do their part, and do not take excuses as answers - from either party. I have always managed a company as if it were mine, and am fiercely loyal to those who trust me enough to give me the job. SO, in essence i am the best damn manager an employer can have! (Ya i know, but if I'm going to brag, i might as well go the distance. I'm also not a bad cook, pretty funny, and kind of good looking - as long as I'm in the target area of vanity.) LOL

Bad news... Same old story.

And now, without further preamble... What in the hell is the problem with Canucks fans?! Seriously, how can you people go from "we're the best, we're taking the cup, we're unstoppable" to "Our goalie is a siv, they suck, we're doomed", etc etc etc. FUCK OFF already. One bad game does not a bad team make! We still lead the series, and it doesn't matter by how bad we lost one game, so long as we win the series, so get over it. If you're confidence and support is so shaky that you lose all hope after one loss, then to hell with you wagon riders anyway. Could you imagine how the players feel right now, like they need your BS to top off their own feelings. Fucking suck it up, talk about the good, and don't worry about the bad. Hell, even if we lose this cup run, we still broke so many records this year, it will be another 20 years before another team can do the same. Just be happy we went this far, and give the team your support. Like Thumpers dad said,"If you don't have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all".

Aaaannnd done.