Monday, July 25, 2011

Hail the Underdog

Everyone likes the underdog. People cheer for them, they pitty them, they have simpathy for the underdogs cause. They go as far as possible  for them, like its some sort of crusade they are forced to march on. But when does the underdog take it to far. When does he lose the support of all his "fans", how much is too much and how far does the underdog have to go before he loses the masses.
Consider this scenario; Man loses his son to abduction, months later his wife kills herself out of grief.  Soon after he becomes a spokesperson for suicide, and becomes a crusader himself, for lost or missing children. THE WHOLE COUNTRY rallies behind his cause. Why? He's not any different from you or I? He had a family, a regular job, basic necessities like the rest of us. Why do we follow him, why do we "pray" for him? Why do we hang on his words of wisdom and rally to his call? Because, we can relate to his pain. We can imagine the terror, the hurt, the loss. And we put ourselves into his shoes, and try and imagine the terror that is his life. So, through deflection we take his pain, make it ours, and defend all that he does in the name of despair.
Now how about this scenario; Boy grows up in a poor neighborhood. Family is hungry, and the neighborhood is dangerous. He goes to school, works hard to learn so he can help get his family out of this "mess" that is their lives. He graduates, goes to a good school - parents all but starve to get him there, but they insist he goes. He becomes educated, a scholar, and returns home. A few years later, his family is better off, he has a good job -  life it seems is finally giving its just rewards... And then one random night, without warning, there is a shooting in his neighborhood and a stray bullet or two make it through his window and kill his parents. He becomes infuriated, mad at life and its cruelty. Are you on his side yet? Has he suffered enough that if his story is told  you'd feel sorry for him?  Anyway, here he is, grew up poor, parents gave everything for him, and in the end, they die for their efforts and once again he is alone and scared... But angry. So very angry... Still the underdog, still had all the shit a person can stand, and still less fortunate than ourselves. So with nothing left to lose, nothing more "god" can take away, he turns to whomever offers solace, comfort to the wary, and sells promises of a better life. He's been saved! Or is it brainwashed? In interrogation they teach to break someone down, remove all that is dear to them, show them pain, suffering beyond imagine, and then in the end, offer safety, kindness, and mercy. It is at that point that the "programmers" can make that man do anything they want, because he is now broken and they will give him everything he needs to be whole again. Now this underdog has a "team" of people giving him love, and belonging... And all he has to do in return is abide by their rules, and when he's ready they will show him the true path to god and he will finally get all he desires (or has been made to believe he desires).  So when the day comes, he gladly puts on the vest of explosives, and incinerates himself in the centre of a busy street, to deliver all non believers to their fate!

Feel sorry for him still?

I know a long winded story, really dragged it out there, but i did it for effect. We all feel "sorry" for those who suffer and have been given the short end of the stick. We could all agree by the story, he was a smart educated individual. He had the same desires, loves, hates, and needs as most of us. So what ever would make him decide to completely ignore the common sense that would suggest blowing himself up wouldn't be a smart idea?

guerrilla warfare evolved out of necessity to combat an enemy that was superior in arms, numbers and organization. It has now become the backbone of military fighting as we know it. Is this what is happening now. Are we now evolving and going to war as our enemies? Why would some young man in Oslo feel it necessary to kill 95+ people in order to make a statement. Why did he use our enemies tactics to drive his point of view into the people rather than a more peaceful manor? We would say he's crazy, others would argue he was fighting a unseen war.

My heart felt sympathy to those who lost loved ones in Oslo. Lets hope they grieve for their loved ones and not "get saved".