Thursday, May 3, 2012

Religious, running

And hello again! Sorry for the gap of time between blogs (have you noticed I'm always apologizing for not writing often?) I just realized every time i post its like I'm sorry i kept you waiting... Well damn it, too bad I'm busy you know?!
 With what you ask? I know you didn't ask, but if you did, this is what I'd say. I'm busy running, in the gym, playing hockey, and football. Never mind working the two jobs, 6 days a week, as well as trying to just have some time to myself. Oh right, and the kids - not like i can forget them or anything. Although, both boys and i have alternate plans for each others bedrooms if something "horrible" was to befall one of us... One boys room would be a gym room, the others the "media" room... I'm not quite sure what they'll do with my room if i were to have an "accident", but I'm almost certain i wouldn't like it. Sorry lost track for a sec... Ya pretty busy these first months of the year, and although its almost to much, i must say i really am enjoying myself. Three more weeks then the first race is in. The run for water should be a great warm up to the Tough Mudder and im actually a tad excited to run it. Lots of training, i can't wait to see how it works out.

So yes i know what you're thinking... The title of this blog should read "Running Religiously", not "Religious, Running". But hold on a second, this title is two topics, not one. Yep im running, upwards of almost 40km a week, and some runs over 18km a go! Nuff said, running running and more running.
 Now to the religious part. Recently, well in the past few months or so, a friend of mine (god i hope she wont be pissed in me mentioning this, no pun intended), read a great article on compartmentalization and how it relates to religion and non religious people. It is well written and really does do an excellent job at describing how the human mind can pick and choose its own reality, as well as how an argument going one direction or another is really never going to get any results. I will include the link now, but be warned - if you are at all intelligent there is a GOOD chance this might change your views on things. Its a longish read, but i highly suggest that it is time well spent.

Anyway, after reading this article my friend "again, please don't be pissed", put some serious inward thinking in place, and decided to forgo religion. Now i know what all the religious people are saying right now... "Oh your friend doesn't have strong faith", or "clearly they were not believers to begin with", or any such other drivel that could be spewed at first thought... BUT i ask you this, maybe its none of those things? Maybe its actually common fucking sense. Maybe, just maybe, there is actually intelligence taking over where ignorance has ruled this planet for centuries? Just a thought... Maybe this video might explain things?

Right? He's got a point, or 4! OK so by now if you're religious you hate me, and believe me to be ignorant, damned, or a tool of the devil, or some other bs crap. The reality of this is clear - read the first link i posted in this blog. You cannot, and will never, ever convince me until you can provide proof. NOT "I just know", or " you have to believe", or "open your heart", etc etc etc... Seriously, READ the article again...
Why am i bringing this up now? Well I'll tell you... For the past few months i have been running, and running... And running. Sundays i run the farthest - and every Sunday i am tripping over "god folk" all day. They are door to door, they are parking all over the f'n streets. They think its ok to actually block off sections of public roads for their own necessities. They pull in and out of parking lots filled with GODS WORD, but can't remember the words of their driving teachers! I've almost been run over 5 times running past the driveway of a church! Then while im stretching, cooling down or just trying to relax after my Sunday run, they come to my door, and try and help me with some pamphlets, and magazines, that surely will change my mind if i just consider the written words...AHHHHHHH...   So ya, i guess they really have gotten under my skin. 

So there you have it - im done. Not a great lesson in the end, not some awe inspiring point of view from any of this. If you can take anything from this blog post its this... If one devout Christian can read one article - use their intellect and decide to walk away from religion, then perhaps if ALL of my massive reading followers shared this same link, then maybe perhaps we could sway a few others into intelligent rational thinking, and then they would, and so on and so on... Not quite door to door method like my religious counterparts do, but still spreading the word. Right?