Friday, September 10, 2010

Woah, 19 days

19 days without a word, you know if he was alright, i think we would have heard (Bar Stool Profits). Anyway, that bit of early ninety's digression aside, HIDE E HO everybody. Long long long time, sorry. Life is without question busy these days, and although im totally making excuses, i really didn't have time, or rather take the time to write. What between kids back to school, summer BBQ's, camping trips, work, games of bejewelled, and what not, time has not been on my side.  Whats new one might ask? Well, back at it hard in the gym, running is starting to pick up again and im slowly working out the kinks in my sea food diet... Lately i see food and eat it, which is becoming an issue. All things considered its been a very busy, intresting and fun summer. I do have however, some minor, little, minescule observations i'd like to register. Again to save time and energy, so i can get back to doing as little as possible it seems, i will bullet form these for you, and again leave you to draw your own conclusions.

  • Fat people, discustingly obese fat people, should NEVER wear bikini's or SPEEDO'S
  • The older i get, the more it hurts when i try and ride my dirt bike like when i was 20
  • Little frogs feel and sound like bubble wrap under your feet
  • Mike knows Ghetto speak like no white man should
  • I do not like Korean lettuce wraps
  • Tequila when taken 40oz at a time can enduce some of the worst of, well, everything
  • Women neither show or say what they feel unless they 110% need you to know
  • I can cook dead animal on a BBQ like no ones business
  • My sons know entirely too much about firearms
  • My oldest now understands, gets, and needs girls in his life
  • music that sucked when i was younger, still sucks now
  • time can heal some wounds
  • waiting forever for something to happen that never does, is you're own fault
  • bugs, when shot into your face at 110km/h hurt, taste bad, and may be blinding
  • a big part of me misses the army, a bigger part of me never wants to see it again
  • it is possible to get lost in someones eyes
  • Toronto Maple Leafs still suck
  • Smores are still the best camping desert on the planet

Now it wouldn't be me to leave it at this, so i too have made some other "observations", that i need to share.

  • Parents who can't control their children should be beaten or at least flogged
  • telemarketers suck
  • boomerangs are the only things that should leave and come back
  • the fat obese handy dart driver who though himself a traffic cop that was unhappy with my sign language can still fu*k off
  • If you have the energy to beg for money, you have the energy to get a job
  • unless a sales rep for a company, you cannot sell me shit in my store
  • stealing from me or my business partner is pretty much a "i like to eat from a straw" confession
  • if you act like a dirt bag, dress like a dirt bag and sound like a dirt bag, you're a dirtbag
  • bad service will = no money from me. It will also = bad press... DO NOT eat at Morgans at Harrison - you've been warned
  • if you feel like you might be imposing, you probably are
  • if you never needed an invite before, and now you do, then yes, something is wrong
  • use someone else
Well thats that.  Some observations, some stories to be shared later perhaps, but for now, just bullet points. Have fun thinking it out, and i'll chat with you later.