Monday, November 1, 2010

Paying the price

In as many days as its been, I've lost count of the numerous things i have seen, been aggravated about, and wanted to bitch about. So, instead i will do what i should have months ago, and vow publicly to renew my resolve. I will, without question, begin to run more regularly, work out harder, eat better and become the person i intend to be. Not just physically but mentally as well. I will complete my education, upgrade where necessary and then take a serious look at career training, rather than just self employment, as that seems to be failing the pay scale as of late.
        Why you ask am i doing this? Why now? Why should i be concerned after I've accomplished so much already. I will use a term that we used to say daily while i served... Complacency kills. That's right, if you become complacent, if you relax your resolve, settle for the ordinary, get comfortable with your surroundings, you will soon find that the "everyday" will be the death of you, or in this case, the death of your progress. Like all things, in order to show improvement in what you choose to do, you must change the lifestyle that supports it. You cannot quit drinking then have a little here and there - ask any A.A. member. Same goes for health and fitness. You cannot expect to win if you change your eating and exercise habits just until you reach a goal. Inevitably you will return to your old habits and become just the thing you trained so hard to leave behind. So, i can honestly say, i have become complacent; and its killing me. I don't run like i did, i don't train like i did, i don't weigh as little as i did, and i don't look as good as i did - just 4 months ago... So much work undone by so little effort. Its horrible. If every day i had to run to a location to feed myself, and everything i put in my mouth i had to lift 500 times, there is a good chance i would eat less, and be more careful i what i ate, and when. So i begin anew. I will harden my resolve, i will re-enforce my will, and i will once again do whatever is necessary to see my goals and wants achieved. (So long as my wants aren't pie and cookies :) ). Currently i weigh 225LBS, up from the 214 i so easily achieved not 3 months ago. I will vow to be down to 210 before my 38th birthday this January. I will also achieve a 48 minute 10km run. Add to this "realization of goals", the goal of achieving better company success, or better employment income, through work or a new Career.
Wish me luck!


Tammy said...'s not just a stain cleaner anymore! I love it, and can't wait to see 210 lb Cory around our birthdays! Whooo!

I would like to be 160 lb Tammy around then. I think the Shred could get me there. :)

C. said...

I'd wish luck, but you don't need luck. You have determination, and you are one of the most goal orientated insirational people I have had the pleasure of meeting.