Monday, November 28, 2011

Reminding me to post

Well here we are; Some serious time has past since my last post, and well i actually almost forgot i was still doing this. That was up until someone commented on one of my posts. Yes that's right people - someone anonymous posted. Do you know what that means? It means someone is actually reading this shit! AWESOME. Seriously though, it was a stark reminder to me that i don't write enough these days, and that i really should get some of the "angst" off my mind. So...

Ok so this comment on my post was, well, lets just say it was enough to get me to delete it. But then i started to think about it and realized, no i shouldn't have deleted it i should actually take the time to review their comment and rebut. So since i've already deleted the comment, i will re post it here. For all to see and enjoy. Im not happy they posted it, but im also not surprised. Its the narrow mindedness of people like this that reminds me there is a world of simpletons out there - all hiding in the realm of just enough knowledge to appear bright, until they really open their mouths. Like the old saying goes, "Its better to appear a fool, than to open your mouth and remove any doubt".
Oh right, the Comment. Well, to put it in context you will need to know what post this individual commented on... Here's the link

Ok so now that you've read the post, i will share the awesome comment

"and all this coming from a guy who has a fucking tribal tattoo on his arm. way to be original, douche-bag."

Great right!? So what do you say when this is thrown at you? Do you get defensive? Mad? Maybe you look in the mirror yourself and take a hard look at what the world sees? Well at first i was all those things, mad, defensive, angry... Then i considered what this person was looking at. They clearly have seen my tattoo - so either they know me or there is a picture somewhere in my blog that shows my tattoo's. Either way they see a guy with some tattoo's and immediately run to "douche". So i have to ask myself, am i a douche? Well, lets see... I have tattoo's - check... And that's where it ends. I've considered it, looked inward and realized that all this person was able to form judgement on me was a tattoo. They must have just seen a photo - they can't have actually met me. I mean how can i be a douche? If they knew me, they'd know i was a father - and a damn good one. They'd know i own my own business and at one point owned and ran 2. they'd see my drive, motivation and determination, as well as bared witness to my unwavering loyalty to my friends. All and all not a douche id say. So what to reply back to this person...

In the end i don't think i can. Anything i say will just fuel more and more comments from this ignorant moron, and hey i shouldn't be upset about this, at least it was being read by someone ;)