Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Grinds my gears

So here we go again; this blogging thing really seems to help clear the mind. I hope at this point my prattling isnt too irratating or boring . Mind you if it is, i guess you just don't have to read it - which if you've exercised that right already then you wont see any of this, so really it doesn't matter. What was my point?

Well today a friend of mine lost his job - boo, but as i say far too often these days, either through insperation or desperation, change comes. So he will have to wrestle with those demons, and hopefully we can all help him smile during the hunt for employment. Which brings me to my entire point of my post today... I cannot believe the collective amount of dirt bags, mouth breathers, inbred red necks, and holy-er than thou bible thumping morons my little city has to offer. After seeing more than anyone should of these people come and go past me on the street i will find it entirely amazing if my friend doesn't find a job in like a day, because he actually bathes, shaves, wears clean clothes and doesn't look like a dirty clown. The collective pile of garbage that seems to float past me in a day is baffling. Now don't get me wrong, im ok if you like god, just don't tell me how much he likes me. K? And im ok if you find your sister attractive, or your uncle daddy got a new pick up. Just don't share it with me. You're lonely, need someone to talk to? ITS NOT ME, please don't come into my store and strike up a conversation like i give a shit. And seriously, if youre going into public, how tough would it be to wear clean clothes, shower, and maybe invest in some pit stick? If you have some serious odor (odiferous majorous) please do not enter my 3 foot bubble! And ok this is the big one... LOOK IN THE MIRROR before you leave. You might think its cool to dress with your pants hanging off your ass, or your hat crooked, or in a jacket covered in patches or a belt buckle the size of your fucking head, but seriously take a minute. Try and put yourself in an alternate reality, its called "employable". Hey anyone can dress down for a camping trip or a day of yard work. Hey if your in construction, i get it, who wants to wreck good clothes. But seriously when you look in the mirror do you look like someone that might be dressed to succeed? Hell do you look like someone the police most likely wouldnt hassle? Gangsters aren't cool, the "greasers" died off in the 70's and should remain dead. Grunge is ok for a concert, but not for job hunting. Why o why am i going on about this? Because this morning alone i had like 8 people come into my store, asking for work, asking to wash my windows, looking at stuff they have no intention of buying, never mind money to buy anything with, then starting up random story or conversation like i'd actually give a shit. I don't know where they come from or what their purpose is, but i can't shake the thought that if you can't actually contribute to society in some level - then maybe its time society got rid of you... Too much right? Well i did post a warning in the beginning of all this stuff saying sorry in advance. I don't know if im actually done posting for today, but honestly im more than aggitated right now so i will stop writing now and maybe revisit later today.
Oh, and hey, i like you just the way you are. I was talking about the other random people, not you ;)


Tammy said...

Ahh just getting better and better. "im ok if you like god, just don't tell me how much he likes me." I'm going to use that one!

Can't wait for the next rant! I'll wait five minutes for something else to piss you off. :)

Anonymous said...
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