Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jump around on topics much?

So today took a bit more time to consider what exactly i was going to write about. I thought for a moment that there is no way i can keep the pace of blogging every day, as with most things, it will lose its "newness" and i will be less and less intersted in posting. But actually i find myself having so many more topics i want to vent about, that i lose some of them because i don't start on them right away - i think this will give weight to my procrastination problem from my previous post. Anywho - so far so good - not at a loss and so the blogging daily will continue, time permiting.
Ever have one of those days, where all you seem to be able to do is reflect on past events? It doesn't matter how good or bad of a day you're having, it doesn't matter who you are with, it just seems to always pop in your head? Well that is my day today. I think i've revisited some of the worst and best times in the past year about a dozen times each today, and although some of the details have gone a bit fuzzy in the memory,  the emotions connected to them are still very much there. It really surprises me how a memory can hold more than you actually remember the moment meaning at the time. Does that make sense to you? It does to me. I can vividly remember this moment last summer, just sitting back and chilling on a big chair with a friend, failing at an attempt at nursing them back to health, as they were under the weather, watching a show that really i don't even like, and how comfortable it was. Now at the time i don't remember being overly excited, or overwelmed with crazy amounts of emotion, but when i think back on it now, it makes me smile like an idiot. It seems almost sureal; like at that moment something major took place, but at the time it was just TV and a big chair, hanging out. Strange how when given the time to reflect, you can actually "feel" what was going on, but in the moment although good as it was, you never put as much weight on it as you do when you think about it later. Again to revisit my last post - i really need to work on some of those regrets...

Did i mention something about venting??? Right. I had a casual conversation with a supplier today in Quebec, and by the time i got off the phone i was ready to spit acid. Its official, i hate, despise, neh, loathe french Canadians, or rather french Canada. I hate the fact that they see english as a handicap in their province, that they insist every store have only french writing on the outside, and if your business name doesn't translate into a french equivelant, you actually have to change the name so it can be said in french. Now i had a friend beside me quickly point out that the reasoning for this is because they are trying to save the french heritage that quebec has, so by enforcing these laws, it will help keep french alive in Canada...Somehow i doubt that somewhere in France there is a city that insists on English, so as to keep English alive in france. I call major BS on this. Because of our beautiful bi-lingual country, manufactures are forced to box everything with two languages on it, making major international companies spend more money on packaging, which increases our cost as a consumer all so an insignificant, horribly inefficient language can be kept alive in Canada. When will our country actually become a country, when will our government actually stop coddling the ones who make the most amount of noise, but the least amount of sense. Seriously if you took a pole, how many other languages are in Canada, and of them all which is the most spoken. I bloody well guarantee that english is on the top of the board. Don't get me wrong, i envy those who are bilingual in any languages, but it doesnt mean an entire countries written word has to be done twice, just to keep one province out of 13 (territories included - and yes i actually had to look it up), happy. I say BS!!! And before you go off with your comments, read my disclaimer at the beginning of my blog.

Anyway, on to the present i go. VEGAS... TAXI - take me to Funville please - and don't spare the horses! My good friend is going to Vegas for a stag party in two weeks, and im more than a little worried it might kill him. Seriously this guy knows how to have a good time, but Vegas for 5 days would kill me, and im reserved in comparision to him. He tells me that he's just gonna get his drink on and chill by the pool, but i know that by day 4 he'll be hung over, lying in bed, coughing up stripper glitter, wondering what happened to the last 48 hours. I hope he has a great time and lives to talk about it, but i seriously question if his restraint will hold. I am more than jealous he's going; i love Vegas and could really use a good cut loose weekend away. Not that my road trip in the beginning of the month wasn't great fun, but the idea of a Vegas trip always gets my fun juices flowing... Soon, very soon i will have to go back.

Um, ya thats about all that is going on in my head at this exact moment. Jumped around a bit, but seriously my whole day has been like this. I promise my next post or two will have a bit more direction to them than this random prattle.

Later :)


Tammy said...

"by day 4 he'll be hung over, lying in bed, coughing up stripper glitter"

Oh, my but you have a way with words! That one had me laughing. :)

I wanna go to Vegas too! J and I were trying to see if we could make it work for end of month, but it's hella expensive due to long weekendage. :(