Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coffee and cars

Today i met a friend for a car coffee. For those of you who don't know, a car coffee is when you go to a Tim Hortons or a Star Bucks, go through the drive through, and then park in the parking lot to enjoy your friend, coffee, and not be interupted or over heard by lonely coffee shop drinkers. And as i drank my tea and we spoke, i couldnt help but notice the number of drivers that; CANT PARK, CANT NAVIGATE, and DONT GET IT moving through this parking lot. Yes bold letters were necessary. Ok, listen up; If you enter a parking lot and 15 cars are lined up in a drive through, you should not, and cannot enter the middle of the line and expect anything but anger, animosity, and hatered from anyone that would end up behind you. PERIOD - so dont look shocked when they honk, wave fists, and in the case of another friend, try and kill you with their own automobile! Secondly, the lines on the parking lot ground are NOT guidlines. They are there to give you a specific place to park. if at any time your wheels are touching them, or youre entirely crooked in your parking spot, fix it. Its called being courteous. Oh and if you think your automobile is so much better than others that you need two spots to stop anyone from dinging your doors or whatever, then do the right thing and park waaaaay back in the back 40, so as to not take prime spots 2 at a time. BECAUSE if it was me who needed the spot, and you were all ass like in your parking, id probably key the hell out of your car - asshole! Whew... Ok onward we go... Now i know there is no centre lines in the parking lot driving lanes, and i know there is not necessarily turning arrows or traffic lights or flag bags to tell you where to drive, but honestly, would it not be common sense in a busy parking lot to drive on the road ways and not cut through 3 or 4 parking spots to get back into the flow of traffic. Its ok if you do it, if you can do it, but when you can't, and the parking lot is major busy, its just all sorts of wrong. Besides, the people i watched today, almost rubbed mirrrors, one actually got out to look if they'd fit. It would have been faster just to enter a parking row back and drive the extra 50 yards. One last note - if you cant see the corners of your car, if you don't actually judge distance well, or quite honestly if it makes  you nervous to drive, park or navigate in tight places, then don't. Park way far away, walk in, walk out, and get the hell out of the other drivers way. Seriously the fact that drive throughs have cement posts to stop people from crashing their building is wrong, the fact that every one is scrapped and banged up is terrifying!
Wow... Aside from that small observation, tea was good, company was great, and i left the parking lot in the propper lanes, didn't cut anyone off, actually let a few people in while leaving and managed to do it without fist shaking, yelling, rubbing things or anything... I was however very perturbed about the rest of the parking lot idiots. You know who you are!



Tammy said...

Car coffee is a new one on me! Wanna go for a car coffee sometime? Lol. I am sorry your comment on my blog got lost in that place where comments go to be lost. :( I'm sure it was witty, and motivating and would have moved me to tears.

I am a good driver in parking lots, I swear!