Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sorry for the late reply

Well, what can i say? I guess i've just been too busy to post in the last few days, and well, im kind of disappointed about it. Seriously wanted to do a daily update on my brain, and all its hectic thinking, but life just got in the way. So anyway, here i go; to make up for lost time im just going to bullet point my bitches over the last 3 days...

  • Sunday drivers
  • Time wasting customers
  • politically correct speak
  • crack heads
  • bad drivers - NOT the same as Sunday drivers
  • telemarketers
  • newspaper delivery
  • shitty mail
  • Mission City
  • Abbotsford City
  • Federal and Provincial Government
  • Sour milk
  • mouldy bread
  • people who despite my partners best laid arguements, must call me on my day off!!!
  • taxes
Now i assure you there is a story attached to each and every one of these gripes, but for time saving messures i will let you draw your own conclusions...
I do have some personal news that i just want to brag about... I ran 10k last night to see if i could come race day, and yes i can... In like 56 minutes!!! nice right? Well ive got to peel 6 minutes off that time if im intending to win a bet. well i really do have lots more to talk about, but seeing how i havent been posting daily as i wanted, im going to save more of this week for tomorrows post.
Later, skater


Tammy said...

I loves me some Cory I can't wait for elaboration on some of those! Killer job on that run, once again. My hero!