Monday, June 7, 2010

Looking into the darkness...

Ok, so another day and another post. Im not quite sure if im supposed to do this daily, but it seems like a good idea so far, besides i've got a bit to say today. First of let me begin by saying sorry. Thats right - sorry. The last 9 months or so have been a pretty trying time for me, and it occured to me that there has been a handful of people that i've leaned on, used, abused, disregarded, and all out ignored. Im sorry - it was all about me for a while and honestly it still is a bit. That said, get over it! Live your god damn life, not mine. K? I know, if you were me you'd do things differently, maybe change the way i've been behaving, or some such nonsense... YOUR NOT ME, be thankful, and just get over it. Nothing i've done was intended to be taken out on you - its just the way it played out. K?
On that note, just for the record; I made these major changes in my life for a reason, and the reasons are my own. I make my decisions now based on that reason. I want to be happy. Now, if i decide to hang out with someone that makes me happy, its meant to make me happy, not you. Now, im not saying i don't want you to be a happy group, but lets face it - its still about me - my life, not yours so get over it. Youre still my friends, youre still important to me, i just hope that im important enough to you to see past my choices if you don't like them.

On to happy things... Summer is almost acting like summer, and with that thought im on vacation planning. For the last 15+ years i've almost never taken a vacation, and when i have, its been for 5 or 7 days at the most. This year is going to be different. I fully intend to take some serious time off to spend with my boys, my  friends and myself. Now i don't know how i can afford it, or what im going to do - but damn it im gonna do it. Im thinking of renting a motor home for a week or two and going dirt biking and camping with the boys. Or maybe rent a house boat and float the lakes for a bit. Dont know - suggestions welcome here, just realize i don't really have any intentions on leaving the country for the summer. Ill save up for that this winter. AND with the idea of doing said activities, its always more fun in crowds, so feel free to drop me a line and maybe we can do a group thing, i don't know, but a week or two with friends all relaxing, swimming, riding, skiing, drinking, fishing, eating, and camp fire-ing it up sounds like more fun than pushing drunk, drugged up midget clowns down stairs... (Inside joke, and tenative business plan :D ). Almost forgot - MORE ROAD TRIPS PLEASE. God damn some of the best fun ever!!!

Later peoples


Tammy said...

Shoving drugged up midget clowns down stairwells for the pure joy of it isn't a business's a LIFESTYLE.

Good post, mister. :) We need MORE ROAD TRIPS for sho!!! *sniff* I miss Chet...a lot.