Sunday, August 12, 2012

The truth, as i see it!

Lets talk gym, supplements and the truth. It has to be done, i cannot stand back and listen and watch the the BS any longer. Read all the Muscle and Fitness you'd like, Mens Health - giver. Any other "fitness" magazine you'd like - read it all. Understand this; Each and every magazine is paid for by the advertising in it, no exceptions. Your purchase price is their profit, nothing more. They could print each and every magazine for free from here to eternity with the money they receive in advertising. That's how it works - but you knew that. So why is it that my friends, friends of friends, your friends and probably even you, have run out to the supplement store and stocked up at the first hint of being in a scheduled work out scenario? You know what I'm talking about, we all have the same type of friend. 3 days in a row in the gym, and next thing you know they are pro's. They have protein powders, pre and post work out drinks. vitamin packs, gloves, belts, wraps, gear galore. Then there is the clothing. I know - advertising works but - it takes hard work, time and discipline to achieve goals in the gym, period. Not wacks of protein and carb loading and energy drinks, EVER! Understand that stuff exists for the elite - and i mean elite! Let me explain...

I have been going to the gym (off and on) for nearly 25 years. Now it has not been year after year without fail - cause if it had i would look AWESOME. But it has been consistent enough that i am much more that your average or even above average casual goer. In fact I'm pretty sure i qualify for "gym rat" status. 9 of 12 months i am without fail in the gym at least 4 days a week, and in my "hard core" days I'd say 6 days a week, usually twice a day! So i think that when i speak about it, its not just hot air - there is serious experience here, at least enough to know that what i say is based on experience, not some magazine add. And let me qualify my experience one more level; If you go to the art museum every day for 25 years you'd be very knowledgeable about art - but it doesn't make you a painter. You may work out every day - but if you do it wrong, cheat, or just plain go through the motions, it doesn't qualify as being a gym pro - just saying. 

Like everyone else, I've fallen into the "buy all the supplements i can get" situation at least once or twice. And this is what I've learned. The stuff works - really it does... IF YOU NEED IT! That's right, if you need it. Everyone thinks they need to take their pre workout drink, then a post workout drink, then some protein afterwords. Don't forget the Creatine, the NO2, the fat burner, carb loader before bed, and the Animal Pack at the start of each morning!! NO NO NO. This stuff is designed to fuel the most extreme body builder or athlete, not the casual goer. Its all about intensity! Now this is the insulting part - so i will apologize in advance - you do not work out nearly has hard as you think you do! Not even close. As i said i have some experience here - and i have had the fortunate (or unfortunate) chance to work out with world strong men, professional body builders, world class wrestlers, and some just plain crazy intense people. And in 25 years i can think of perhaps 4 occasions where my work outs were so intense, that without some supplements i wouldn't have been able to finish the work out - never mind survive the crash after. Ask ANYONE who has EVER worked out with me on a moderately intense day and they will all tell you the same thing... I kick ass! I drive, i push, i drag, i even insult. I do EVERYTHING i can to motivate and drive me and my training partner to complete our set, workout, rep, whatever. Aside from 2-3 training partners I've had, very few EVER say we could have maybe pushed harder today. And i gauge a day like that as MODERATE! And on those days, I'd say maybe just maybe some protein powder should be included in your diet - as it is the building blocks for recovery and growth... That's it, nothing else. Seriously... Now i am not bragging about my workouts here, honestly. But what i am saying is this - each and every person works out to their own level of intensity - their failure point, breaking point, whatever. Maybe once out of 20 work outs, yes some days are more intense then others, but regardless of pump or feel or fatigue, it really isn't to the outer limits of your own human abilities - its just hard.  Now to become a pro athlete, a world class body builder, or fitness model, it takes more than what we do. More than most of you could imagine. Seriously, work out with me once or twice, really work - and then tell me it was lax or easy, or anything... Then multiply that by 10 - because that is what the professional or aspiring professional has to do to get there. These people are the ones that need all the supplements, not us. The only thing all these extra supplements are doing for us is lightening our wallets, adding excess calories and giving us a really big placebo effect. Now if you require a feeling of "sketchy" to get the energy you need to work out - then enjoy those extra calories, the glucose charge, the possible fast track to diabetes - go right ahead. But understand the only person benefiting from you taking that crap is the company that made them. Unless you are truly an elite athlete - you're wasting your money and hurting your body.

Now I'm not saying don't supplement, I'm just saying be realistic. Protein is a good choice if you're trying to tone or gain muscle mass - IF you are training correctly. So use some, but read the label first. Low or no calories is best - unless you have a vein covered six pack, you have no need to carb load or calorie boost. If you're hungry just eat more. Stay away from EVERYTHING else short of regular vitamins, and perhaps some supplements designed for joint care, etc. You'll save tons of cash, and be healthier for it. Drink ridiculous amounts of water and eat healthy - with proper portion control and IN TIME the changes will be there. 

Unless of course you've discovered this amazing supplement that drops body fat, increases muscle mass and you only have to work out 3 times a week for 2o minutes, in that case make sure you give me a heads up.



L said...

You are bang on Cory! It should be a magazine article...oh wait, THAT would never happen.
When I see oversupplementation I think: Expensive piss.
Oh and not to be all Correcty Correcterson but Im sure you meant to say no carb protein rather than no calorie...since 1 gram of protein has 4 calories. Just clearing it up for the ones who literally have no idea unless they read it somewhere!

Cory D. said...

Ya, typo for sure.