Monday, August 1, 2011

Thank- you's and Facebookery

Recently i was reviewing my blog, going back and taking a read that has been my last year or so and i came to understand a few things that i might have missed if i were not documenting my "life thoughts" as i have. Firstly, and not to take away from anyone Else's life, but i have had some serious ups and downs the past few years! Secondly AND more importantly, i can't believe the quality of my friends; their support, thoughts, incite and love most certainly have been the "shelter" from the storm. Seriously, put your hands together and give it up for YOU's. You're amazing, you know it, so take the credit, have a smile and do a little happy dance, cause your mom would be so proud of you :) You've put up with my drama, my anger, my BS and my irrationality for so long, I'm surprised you're still my friend. Good thing I'm awesome or you would have bolted by now I'm sure. So ya, that's that. I said it, don't be going around all day with a smug look on your face like you've won something, or some shit. Just take the compliment, realize I'm not as big a prick as you thought, and move along. I won't acknowledge this in person, or for that matter even give you the satisfaction of a wink or a sly smile, so don't be disappointed when you don't get one. K? Alright then, moving along.

This morning i turned on the work PC and started my day like any other, and was getting caught up on the weekends events via the Facebook. Its then when i stumbled on a post from a distant friend of a friend kinda person. Always funny posts, most entertaining, and i believe i met him once a long time ago. Great guy, if not a bit crazy, but cool none the less. He was lamenting on his profile like his world had ended, all things were dead and he wanted to be too. I don't know him at all, but it seems he had a girl, and now she's gone - and he's crushed. I had the most upbeat start to my day, and by the time i finished reading his status i was crushed. His world touched mine, and for a moment i could totally relate to the pain he is going through. I don't know him, not well enough to offer a shoulder or some advice to help him through this horrible time. But i was still crushed by his pain, and felt the most deepest sympathy i think i ever could for a "sort of" stranger.  And as his real friends commented on his situation i began to understand exactly what Facebook is to us and what we really do use it for. As his friends supported him, chastised him and told him he'd be OK, or to suck it up and move on it really sent the message home. Facebook is that tight group of friends from high school, the one or two or five people you hung around all the time. They took you as they saw you, and gave you what you needed when you needed it. They didn't have to agree, they didn't have to feel bad for you, they just had to be there for you. They just listened, maybe gave some advice or kicked you in the ass when you needed it, but there they were. And really that's what Facebook is today. Its that window into your friends lives, and yours just on a grander scale. It lets you see what your friends are up to, what's new, whats good, whats bad, whats what. And we as social creatures want and need that. And because we are all closet social butterfly's, its the easiest way to be there, and do everything without having to commit to being there. And i know, some people are like "why do they carry on like that on facebook? Why do they have to share their every waking moment"? But the real question is, why did you take the time to read it, and why didn't you just block the feed if you get tired of their shit? BECAUSE you want to read it. As much BS as it is you really want to know whats going on EVERYWHERE. If you didn't, if you really just wanted to be in the dark you'd have deleted your facebook account long ago. So stop pissing and moaning about how this guy or that girl go on about everything. Be happy they said yes to your friend invite, and be happy that its not you suffering like they currently might be.

What was my point here?... ... ... Not sure. Guess i was just saying thanks to my great friends, and thanks to everyone that put up with my shit on the Facebook, and ya... Sorry you're dying "Facebook friend", if there is anything i can do, or the mass 342 friends on your list can do, I'm sure if you ask we'll be there - even if you don't like what we say, or we don't like what you say, we'll be there.