Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Running, with nothing to rant about!?

Alrighty then.... Yes it was a great run for the cure - Vancouver's Underwear Affair. Had a great time, even if i nearly died of heat exhaustion, dehydration and embarassment. That said, it was way easier to walk around in my underwear, when 900 other people are doing it too. Posted a good time of 50:27 for the 10k, and im sure next year i'll do better, because i will know how far from the finish i am, and can give it that much harder. I probably will also not stop for a beer on KM 8. I did, i know, and i don't think it will happen again.

So as i've been told, it was all great times, nothing to bitch about, so, i hate to say but WRONG. Quite a bit to bitch about really... First off, we have to get there, we have to run in our underwear, would it not make sense to actually have change rooms? Seriously im 215lbs, not the biggest guy, but shoulders are wide enough that its near impossible to actually get changed in a porta-potty. BS absolute BS, very poorly thought out. Seriously, who is going to go and get gas, a drink, or commute an hour plus in their underwear. WE NEED A PLACE TO CHANGE! Secondly, telling us there is a secure spot for our belongings makes us feel that much better. Until we get there and their idea of a secure spot is a 10x10 tent with no walls and coat hangers... and lets not forget the sign that says, "we're not responsible for lost or stolen belonging". Really fucking secure, i feel way better leaving my wallet, phone, helmet and clothes behind. Oh did i mention they actually lost my helmet and phone, and i had to track them down and look in a lost and found?! VERY SECURE. Thank christ i gave my wallet to a friend. Thirdly, if you're going to run 10K you might wanna know how far you've traveled without having to spend money on fancy counters, or whatever - mark the fucking course better. K? Don't get me wrong, they did a stellar job all and all, but as i've stated early on, that doesn't excuse me from bitching about it :). Finally, when you finish your race, good job all of you by the way, do us a favor and post the results on one of the mega big screens throughout the event. Having hundreds of sweaty people crowd around a table with the smallest print possible to get results suck. Add to that a group of people that needed to hang out for 10 minutes and text their results while being over the table because their combined IQ couldn't remember the numbers for the 10 seconds required to send the text. (So close to throwing them outa my way). Seriously stood patiently, well ok not so patiently, waiting till they actually finished taking photo's with their phones, forwarding their pics, then texting their results, that required multiple looks at the list, all the while bent over the table and fucking the rest of us out of the results for much longer then required.
Thats it, bitching is done. Had a great time, wicked actually, and will DEFINATELY do it again next year. So just so you all know, i WILL be digging for donations again next summer. Sorry. Great cause, great people, except for the group around the results, and can't wait till next year...


Tammy said...

LOL I hated those fucking table bitches! Get it and GO for christ's sake!

I am glad you had a good time, and I am glad that when you suggested taking part in this, I said yes. Though the run itself was pure misery, I can now run! You could even call me a bit of a runner! Thanks for that, my friend! :) (I know, I did it myself, but you sure as heck had a hand in pushing me along!)

Lara said...

Great job! Fantastic actually! Next year, you mind if I join you guys?

Cory D. said...

More is better!