Thursday, July 29, 2010

The sun will shine...

So where or where to begin... well, this past week or so has been a lesson in karma. I've said it many times, but i finally get to see it. The sun will shine on a dogs ass once and awhile. Thats right, eventually when you endure, you might find yourself wagging your tail and bam! Sun beams baby. So there it is, happy days, where and when you least expect it. Great right? Well, like all great things, with the good comes the bad. Seems if I claim one of my children as a dependent, and my ex wife claims both, they see need to audit me not her. Go figure. Thats right, im happy as all can be this last little bit, and wammo - GOC just decides its time to check out my pesonal taxes a little closer than usual. Am i worried? No - ive been a good boy, haven't tried to slide anything past our government, and have made fuck all, so really theres not much they can take. But seriously, fuck you Canada - i've served you, i've killed for you, hell i've bled for you, and how do you say thanks? By scrutinizing my taxes. Fuck me, why don't you do something more productive with your time like auditing your own government officials, or people that actually are screwing you like 3/5ths of your entire employee base! Ok, sorry, that was out of line, not all government employees screw the government and take advantage of the flag. Just when i hear stories from friends of mine that go on compo for 11 weeks for cracking his elbow, cause he fell asleep at work in his chair and fell kills me. No im not telling who. Anyway that was quite the ramble for an entry to my blog. Im going to recap then get to the bitching... I am happy! I am getting audited, i am bitter and im not really a fan of government workers these days... Which brings me to my bitch. Why o why can the local government hire private companies to do road work on a freeway, and they work from like 11pm to 5am, and can pave 20km a night without disturbing any traffic, but when the city does its own work, they have to do it during the day, in the middle of every rush hour, morning or afternoon, disrupting every fucking person who actually needs to get to work. Seriously, WTF is the thought pattern to putting a work crew out to do whatever - sewer repairs, road upgrades, infastructure improvements, or whatever, in the middle of the fucking day on the busiest street in town? Seriously, is the workers rights that violated that you can't make them take a grave yard shift now and again? I mean in this current economy, who'd bitch to get $25+ per hour plus pension and benifits, if it meant you had to work at night. Besides its fucking 34 degrees outside, wouldn't you rather be working in the cool of the night, rather than frying in the day? I shit you not, it took 40 minutes to get from one end of my town to the other including trying alternate routes, and every fucking major roadway was under construction. AND ever flag bag in the industry is terrified you're gonna kill em cause one of their kind died earlier this year... Ok i know, but come on... If one cop died in the line of duty, does that excuse every other cop on the force to be a super prick for the next 6 months? So between road work and flag bags really trying to enforce the "slow"sign; 40 minutes. Let  me put this in perspective... From one end of our major road, to the other is less than 10km... The beginning of this month i RAN 10k in 50 minutes... WTF?
Oh and while im still on track here... SHUT THE FUCK UP about how hot it is. PLEASE. You cannot whine and bitch for months on end on how its cold, rainy, wet, and there is no spring, then get great weather and bitch... Thats crap, and you know it. DEAL WITH IT.



Tammy said...

Audited?? Well, that blows. I enjoyed your rant, as usual. :) And you will be happy to know that I have not complained ONCE that it's too hot since the sun decided to finally show itself! I LOVE THIS WEATHERRRRR!!!