Thursday, July 22, 2010

WTF people?

So like sands through the hour glass, blah blah blah, like im supposed to know how it goes... Days of my lives. Seems a suiting start to this blog today. My life, well has been full of some good ups and down downs the past little while that to tell you about it would be, well, just too much to type. Lets just say its amazing the impact the opposite sex has on my life, and more amazing is the lack of impact physical exertion has been on me. Im running more than ever these days - as far as distance and pace go, and the gym is finally producing some gains in the messurement department! Added a few inches to where i wanted, and took a 1/4 inch off of where i wanted. I know 1/4 but hey, ill take what i can get. Took the hooligans to an outdoor rope, cable zip line, tree climbing adventure park thing called Wild Play yesterday, and to be honest, i think i had more fun than they did. BUT it was very hard on the body - i sweat like crazy, climbed till my hands were exhausted and scared myself just a tad the last little bit. Lets just say swinging into a cargo net from 100 ft in the air, at a very quick pace is a bit crazy. Fun times!
Right, now to the part you all have come to expect... WTF is wrong with people? Serious question here... Why do people do what they do? The human being has naturally ingrained in them the need to attract a mate and breed. Its what every species on the planet does, right? So how in the fuck can people go out in the summer, dressed like they do? I'd include pictures but to be honest, didn't have the intestinal fortitude to actually take pictures of the fine human specimens i had to look upon this morning in Wal-Mart. Don't even get me started about Walley world, but i needed some dog food and had to be somewhere at 9 and they were the only option i had so... I bought the smallest bag of the best shit they offer. Enough said. BUT... I thought people for the most part were vayne. How ever do you leave the house with the shortest of shorts on, and the tightest fitting shirt on, and not look in the mirror and go wow - is that really my ass hanging out of these shorts? Is that really my stomach over hanging my near stretched to the max near invisable shorts? Or hey, i know its summer, so why don't i wear as little as possible and go in public? It only attracts a mate, if your mate is as nasty as you. Even then, near blindness and lack of smell are skills required to keep that person even remotely near you at any time. MY GOD people its called de-oderant! I don't care if i can see you sweat, just don't smell like you wash with a trout! When someone asks you if you'd like a piece of gum, always say yes, it might be an indication that your breath is questionable. When someone randomly has the urge to hose you down and cover you in a bucket of baby powder, maybe its time to do something about it. Seriously now, if you go like, "hey what is that smell" and your car windows are rolled up... Its probably you. Now that i reflect on what i've written i've come to the conclusion that most likely the people im describing don't have a pc and will never see  this, and most likely their car lacks windows that operate, so clearly today was to bitch for the sake of bitching. Sorry... To all the others out there that do your best, thank-you, its appreciated. And hey, everyone has a bad day, and why not go to Walmart on the bad day, seems everyone else does...


Tammy said...

Ha! My friend Lara had something similar to say not long ago about the smelly underdressed masses. Maybe it's lucky for me that I live in an area with a large Asian population. I don't see as many of these atrocities whilst out and about. I'm sure that will change once we are in Surrey. Can't wait!

Great job with the new measurements! Good to see your hard work paying off! :) Keep it up, and you'll be showing off that six pack! (and no, not the beer kind :P)