Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 8th? Really???

Wow, really July 8th? Did i really post nothing in the last  20 days? So much for daily huh... Well anyway, here i am, alive and well, or at least alive. We will leave the "well" for the professionals to decide. I usually get into a rant of some sort and tell you about how things piss me off, but i really don't feel like ranting today. It was guilt of no post that made me write today, that and i realized i was pissed about all the people going on about how hot it is. Ok, maybe a small rant...
YOU CANNOT bitch and moan all year about our shitty weather, than complain when we get the sun and heat! Ok, fine, complain away, just do me the favor of shutting the fuck up when you're around me ok? Seriously can't take the bitching and moaning about how we actually got what we wanted. k, done ranting. So um, ya thats it... Life is really busy this past few weeks, business is soft, stress is high, and im working on coping. I run a 10K charity run on Saturday sometime, i guess i should look into that, and am a tad nervous. I was running daily since October, but the last month or so i've backed off a bit, and the last 2 weeks ive been under the weather and have only ran like 3 times, soooo ya kinda scared im gonna tank it. Hopefully this sickness will pass in time for the race, but if not i know i will finish, just maybe off my desired time. Thats it, short and sweet. I will try and get more out more often as soon as i clear my chaos up a bit.



Sari said...

No offense Cory... but you may want to brush up on those math skills. It's only been 10 days, not 20... but who's counting, really? Oh wait, you were. Then I did. Now probably anyone reading this is. Whatever.
Anxiously waiting for your post-run blog... nothing to rant about there, just good times! So, get on it... blog it up, Buttercup!

Tammy said...

Yeah, where IS that post-run blog? Hmmm? C'mon slacker boy! :)